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Mistress Titania's Addiction of FanFic

Plus peeks into her drama/comedy fun-filled life

Mistress Titania
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My fandoms right now are Doctor Who, MCU, Constantine, Arrow, The Flash and Star Trek.

I'm a complete and total addict of slash fanfic. I read and re-read stories over and over again. I go through withdrawls if I don't read at least one slashy story a day. I also write my own fics but most of them are crossovers.

I also love music and listen to it while I'm writing. Or when I feeling like dancing or need to lift my mood. I have a large variety of tastes when it comes music. Right now the artists in my mixes are- Vicci Martinez, Paramore, Scissor Sisters, Garbage and Maroon 5.

I have many health problems and I use fanfic as a way to escape the chronic pain caused by endometriosis, fibromyalgia, depression, PTSD, migranes, and crohn's disease. I am also in recovery for prescription drug addiction. I decided to start a journal as way to get in touch with other fanfic lovers but I would also be willing to connect with people in their 30's who suffer from chronic pain. I live in the Napa/Sonoma Wine Valley in California and love it here, would like to hear from fic writers that live nearby. I'm also bisexual and single with no real urge to change the fact.

Bisexuality is Real.